Data Science: Scope and Opportunities

Data Science: Scope and Opportunities

Data Science is the area of study that is today at its peak and is considered as one of the fastest-growing academic streams. Big Data Analytics gives better insights into the business and gives solutions to real-life Data-centric problems. The concept of Big Data Analytics has seen a significant increase in recent years.

The curriculum of the data science course includes topics such as machine learning, data mining, applied statistics, inferences, database management, data analysis, data visualization using various tools to name a few. Thus students need to show exemplary credentials and passion for the data science field.

While the skills acquired from Indian universities add enough credentials to be a data scientist but a global exposure will widen the knowledge base and thus help students to excel in this domain. The most preferred countries for data science studies are the US, Canada, Germany, Australia to name a few. The major reasons could be the fact that these countries are having a more developed and demanding marketplace for analytics and data science. Thus they have better job opportunities to offer and can provide better exposure thus improving the chances of employability.

Data Science is the most rewarding career of today. The major reason is the gap between the demand and availability of experts in this industry. Currently, there is a huge shortage of data scientists. Given this backdrop, studying data science abroad increases the chances of employment not only in India but also in most sought of Countries for jobs.

Data Science and Business Analytics are no longer just buzzwords – they are essential business tools. Thus Data science-focused Master’s degree gives an extra edge to one’s CV and exponentially improves the chances of scoring high-paying jobs globally. Pursuing the Big data analytics course with well-known foreign universities gives a different dimension to students learning as the programs are led by stellar faculties who have a deep association with industry leaders. After Completing the Data Science course one can take up the job as a Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Solution Architect, Finance & Risk Analytics Manager, Analytics Manager, Infrastructure Manager, Project Manager.

Data Science has opened doors to many lucrative career paths in India and abroad.

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