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Prevention From Sexual Harassment Committee

Committee for “Prevention Against Sexual Harassment” was formulated in Jan 2010. Functions and responsibilities of the committee are as under:

  • To examine complaints against sexual harassment or sexual discrimination (if any), and take necessary remedial measures wherever possible or submit its findings with recommendations to the Chairperson.
  • To pursue for time-bound enquiry of the complaints, wherever necessary.
  • To provide special counselors to the victim, as and when necessary.
  • To report to the BOM, if there is a prima-facie case for legal or disciplinary action against the perpetrator of the crime and to pursue the case to its logical end.

Prevention From Sexual Harassment Committee Members for the Academic Year 2021- 2022:

Sr.No Name Designation Responsibility Contact No
1 Dr. Tarita Shankar Chairperson – IGI Member 020-66168203
2 Dr. Pandit Mali Director Member 020-66168213
3 Dr. Punam Bhoyar IGSC Member 020-66168128
4 Mrs. Sunita Bangal Faculty – IGSC Member 020-66168111