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MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics Admissions 2023-24

Save 30-50% in Education Budget
  • One Year (1st and 2nd Semester at IGSC campus India )
  • Second Year (3rd and 4th Semester at ESSEN Campus Germany)
  • Industry Driven Curriculum

Summary of Program

Indira Global Study Centre, Pune (IGSC) in collaboration with FOM University, Germany offers one of the most popular pathway programs. The title of the program is ‘MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics’ which is a two year, full-time, study abroad program.

IGSC, Pune was established in 2019 under the aegis of Shree Chanakya Education Society’s Indira Group of Institutes.

Millions of students every year from India register to study abroad after graduation, seeking admission in foreign universities especially for their Master’s Degree. Here is an opportunity for them to study abroad from India with one of the renowned university in Germany, FOM University.

IGSC has strategically designed ‘MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics’ program that the 1st year will be conducted in Pune, India and the 2nd year will be conducted in Essen, Germany. This master’s program offered by the German University provide a well-rounded education in collecting and processing large Business data sets and thus provides good insights into interdisciplinary fields with a focus on Data Analytics. This uniquely designed course gives an opportunity for international exposure.

Why Big Data and Business Analytics ?

The increasing amount and variety of data available to the companies today offer huge opportunities for them. However, it also presents them with challenges of dealing with this huge amount of data in a targeted and innovative way to gain a competitive edge. Thus the need for Data Analyst is increasing exponentially in every domain.

MSc in Big data and Business Analytics program aims at train students with skills similar to computer scientists, mathematicians and statistician, to elevate their knowledge and skills. Graduates from eligible disciplines with relevant experience can enhance their skills through this course. Big Data encompasses logic, quantitative methodologies, programming languages, framework, infrastructure etc. to interpret the data, analyses the results and use it appropriately.

During the program, you will learn how to analyze, interpret, evaluate and apply large and heterogeneous amounts of data against a business background. You will acquire analytical skills to derive models for different tasks from data sets, which you can use in the context of management and business administration for predictions or optimizations. This can be used in marketing, sales and business development and for developing a robust business model.

As a Big Data Analyst, you are an important link between the areas of IT and Management. You will hold the positions as Big Data Manager, Big Data Analyst, Product Manager Data Integration, Market Data Analyst or as Data Scientist in R & D.

There is a great demand for Big Data professionals in India and Abroad. It is predicted that the demand will increase tremendously in the coming years.

Thus Indira Global Study Centre (IGSC) and FOM University, Germany have designed a professional Two Year Degree Course in M.Sc. (Big Data & Business Analytics). 1st year of the course will be conducted in Pune, India while the 2nd year will be conducted in Essen, Germany.

Keeping in mind the huge scope in the market for Big Data professionals, this course will serve as a foundation towards the students’ bright future.

Course Structure

Credit Points for FOM (Semester wise)

Fees Structure

Tuition Fee Breakup

Breakup Amount Final Amount in INR
First Year Tuition Fees 5, 00, 000 + 18% GST 5,90,000
Second Year tuition fees € 7,900 6,24,000
Total Tuition Fees 12,14,000

Other Expenses

Breakup Amount Final Amount in INR
Housing for 10 months 350 € x 10 = € 3500 2,76,500
Day to Day expenses- Meal Conveyance etc 300 € x 10 = € 3000 2,37,000
Air Ticket Appx 35,000 35,000
Visa Appx 20,000 20,000
Insurance Appx 50,000 50,000
Miscellaneous Appx 17,500 17,500
Total of other expenses 6,36,000
  • Rate of Exchange (R.O.E); ‎€1(Euro) = ₹79(INR) as on 30 Jan 2020.
  • Prices mentioned are approximate and may vary as per currency exchange rate.

Program Highlights


  • Introduction and construction of a Big Data solution, which unites different data models and data structures
  • Independent conception, planning and execution of complex statistical analysis of large amounts of data and application of machine learning methods.
  • Strategic development of the area of ​​analytics and its range of services
  • Business model development based on analysis results of the records
  • Development of meaningful predictive models as the basis for product and business decisions
  • Data synchronization of semi and unstructured data as well as programming of big data solutions
  • Statistical identification of complex relationships and derivation of business-relevant insights based on this

Learning Objective

  • Develop scientifically founded solution approaches for industry-specific issues
  • To transfer scientific findings to business practice and to enable students on a scientific level
  • Career and education research, contributions to competence development
  • Transfer of research and development
  • Recognize the Big Data Platform and its Uses
  • Recognize Map Reduce Jobs and area of its implementation
  • Provide hands-on Hadoop Eco-System for Data analytics
  • Apply analytics on Structured, Unstructured Data.
  • Experience to Data Analytics with python & R.

Eligibility (Study Abroad Qualifications)

(Any Graduate ) with Minimum 50%:

Bachelor of Engineering (Any Stream)

Bachelor of Computer Science – BCA

Bachelor of Engineering (Any Stream)

Career Path

Business Analyst:

Insurance underwriting analyst:

IT Business Analyst

Management reports data analytics

Sales analytics

Data Analysis Scientist

Corporate strategy analyst:

Business product analyst

Business Analyst Manager

Compensation and benefits analyst:

Social media data analyst

Quantitative Analyst

Budget analyst:

Machine learning analyst

Data Business Analyst